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Lister Smart SMS, Short Messaging Services from your PC
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Removing the 'short', from SMS

Lister Smart SMS
Short Messaging Service (SMS) is very popular among cell phone users. The reason for such an upsurge in usage lies in the benefits that SMS provides to the user.

SMS is a very cheap mode for communication
SMS does not disturb the receiver and he can respond later if busy.
This renders SMS as a powerful corporate communication tool, yet SMS has its downsides as well. Mobile phones are not designed to handle data and therefore are difficult to type messages. This is especially relevant to business users who have little time to create messages. While SMS is being used by certain wireless sites, its use among corporate circles has been very much limited. Wireless sites have developed tools that notify customers of relevant event based data. These sites tie up with cell service providers who have SMSC gateway servers to convert HTML data to SMS protocol. The SMSC server is expensive and makes this service costly to users. Corporates have therefore been slow to adopt SMS messaging.

The Internet explosion taught us that It has a larger utility in business applications rather than consumer utilities. Contrarily SMS is being used more by consumers rather than for business.

Is there a solution that would change this scenario?

Lister SMS solution

Lister has developed a sleek and useful solution that is set to change the perception corporates have of SMS as a communication tool.

The solution consists of a front end desktop application, across the organization where users would create messages. Messages will be sent to a central server. A mobile phone attached to the server through a serial cable will send the message as an SMS to a recipient cell phone. This solution reduces investments and costs dramatically. The system needs a front end application, a cell phone and an interface cable.

Utilities of the solution

This solution can be used for
Corporate communication: This will help all mobile personnel to remain in touch with those at the office through messages.

Event Based data Trigger: The system can be designed to trigger messages to specific users depending on the events that they have set. These event s would include Receipt of mail messages, Specific events like value of portfolio for customers organisation wide events and other rules based message triggers.

Customer Information: If the company provides services to customers ( with cell phones) they can provide value added services to their customers.

How can Lister Help You

Our product is customizable to cater to the needs of our clients. WE would initially engage to gain a clear understanding of your needs. This would be followed by installation of our product at your facilities.

e-Funds - Networking our SMS server with Lotus notes Application
Dragoco - Helping Dragoco reach out to their sales force
Dalmia Cements - Using to access sales force from PC to pass on information

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